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In this Dimension, we discuss all manner of conspiracy theories and share our research.
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  2. Q it sounds like agent Q from 007 James Bond series live-action movies. I heard republicans are just taking adrenochrome from adult homeless people and democrats from innocent children Jim Carrey,Alex Jones,Mel Gibson Hollywood dark side secrets of American-Chinese film industry. Mel Gibson exposed them all. Maybe George Carlin, Michael Jackson. Could it be related to Covid-19 jewish cabbalah? Things related to cannibalism,vampirism drinking human blood thirst human organics eating human meat flesh. Are those people humanoid lizards,aliens, amphibian annunaki? Is Queen Elisabeth the Second one
  3. God created Lucifer one of Fallen Angels before they became Demons. Speaking of human history.
  4. Was Black Death manufactured by Plague Doctors in medieval ages? People back then blamed themselves that God punished mankind from religious point of view. I guess people like Anthony Faucci compare everything to Covid-19 like some sort of corrupted slacker.
  5. People in my country loves talking about conspiracy theories like entire slavik society. Tick turned into cyborg MOTHER 3 (ultimate chimeras) game developers predicted that. Deus Ex Nature Machina.
  6. At his wit's end over his friends' insistence that the Earth is flat, a man in Scotland hopes to raise enough money to send a proponent of the controversial conspiracy theory into space so that they can see that the planet is actually round. View the full article
  7. It will probably be an inside job. I read that the National guard is comprised of 95% Trump supporters.
  8. Welcome to the United States of China.
  9. Removal of the truth is a common trend in America now.
  10. Youtube completely purged the Catherine Austin Fitts interview. So it was moved to here...( have to scroll down a bit to get to the video of the interview ) What is really going on ... as per Catherine Austin Fitts
  11. YouTube blocked the video as lined in my previous post. This is the new link: Catherine Austin Fitts
  12. Here it is... we're building our own demise. This lady nailed it. Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown
  13. There a lot on that list that is happening or we see it in the near future. Though a lot on the list would be each other’s predecessor. Don’t be the fool and think it can never happen, those have always been famous final words
  14. Never let someone put you down for investigating. MSM and people who are too lazy to think will call everything a "conspiracy theory". And the truth is, our government is one big conspiracy to begin with, even if it wasn't originally intended to be that way. We do question, doubt, investigate, but that is part of critical thinking. We don't even have to believe everything as long as we put logical thought to it. So, no worries. Brush off the mentally lazy. They are simply sheep. We will wait to see if anything in this poem comes true. Why not? It hurts nobody. 🙂 🙂
  15. I agree that some of these artists that clearly use the “other” side do have prophetic ideas when they are writing their albums. The forces that control this world do enjoy putting out warning signs about what they are about to do next because they know the average person is going to put their head in the sand and aren’t educated enough to understand what they are seeing or hearing. Look at the Simpsons, how many “predictions” they have gotten right? Then you have us folk, who are called crazy or conspiracy theorist because we research and find out the answers or signs. Whe
  16. Random doesn't necessarily be illegitimate. Remember, I have a theory about accidental psychic information. When creating, we think we are just using our imagination but can accidentally predict the future. Perhaps this person thought we was writing a random poem, but he was really reading the future. I guess we'll find out in due time. I will repeat my story for people who are new here. I believe artists accidentally predict the future at times and I have evidence. The band Dream Theater released an album on 9/11 that had a picture of NYC burning. (See below). They immedia
  17. Yeah it crops up every time something "happens". Some of them seem evident, like the belly of the dragon dripping water (dam in China). I keep looking for the one where some made some good decodes on it but I'm not clever enough to guess beyond the obvious ones with any certainty. Or it could just be someone writing random garbage for a larp. Nothing is untrue anymore.
  18. This forum is so deep. I can guess a few of those on the list but I’m curious of what others have come up with. You said this is on 4chan, cosmo? G
  19. @Cosmo Sydney Powell said that the evidence enters the courts this week and she was "on the phone". https://www.newsmax.com/newsmax-tv/sidney-powell-campaign-lawyer-dominion/2020/11/21/id/998181/ I think your post was 100% accurate.
  20. Another interesting post...
  21. Good to just keep it here, then, so we can refer back to it. It could be someone psychic, as I believe we all have the ability. Or, it's sort of a poetic way of using logic to explain what could happen to America.
  22. I meant to post an explanation later, but I fell asleep 😉 This is something that was posted on 4chan's /pol/ several months ago, and it keeps resurfacing there as new things happen. It's come back up enough times that I think there might be something to it, just not sure what. There is another post I've seen where someone decodes this in a way that connects some interesting dots; I will look for it and post that up too. I mostly just wanted to stick it here before I forgot.
  23. Where did this come from, Cosmo? 3 branches of government become one? Yikes. Sounds like dictatorship.
  24. >It will happen when the weather cools. >That's when they'll make their move. >The plans made long ago, before the founding of America, and older still, will come to fruition. >They're trying to force God's hand. >Watch for these signs: >Three branches will become one. >An island will drift away. >A killing bolt will shine in the night but will not kill. >The star will gorge itself on clay. >Idols will speak and move about. >The black flag will fly above the dome. >The belly of the dragon will drip water. >Two voices will call out
  25. Just following up from last week. Here's a list of "things" that happened on the above dates that may or may not be related: Sept. 14 - Federal Judge in PA declares shutdowns unconstitutional. Sept. 15 - Abraham Accords signed US/Israel/UAE/Bahrain. Sept. 16 - Esper reveals China DEW systems; Antifa Playbook/Eisen outed. Sept. 17 - All 4 Carter Page FISA warrants fraudulent. Sept. 18 - Trump extends 9/11 Emergency Declaration/RBG assumes room temperature. Not saying any of this stuff is part of any plan, but happened on the highlighted dates and are interesting.
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