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  2. An odd moment during a French newscast appears to show a UFO zip through the sky behind a correspondent who is stationed in Moscow. Anyone know what this might have been?
  3. Translation 315,000 years ago us humans evolved, the Intelligent Dinosaurs have developed Quantum Technology 160 to 77 million years. 315,000 we homo sapiens evolved, why cant intelligent Dinosaurs evolve and fly off this planet within 160 million or 77 million years? 16 And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: The mark can be seen on your right hand with lizard scales, the Darwin evolution theory was wrong. Men came not of monkeys.
  4. A ballistic missile test off the coast of Florida on Tuesday evening sparked a slew of UFO reports from bewildered witnesses who thought they had seen something alien. https://www.wptv.com/news/state/strange-object-spotted-in-sky-likely-trident-ii-ballistic-missile
  5. Ok, good to know. With today's technology, we should be able to get excellent photos of alien crafts, but it also means people are able to fake them. Maybe one day...
  6. A dramatic video filmed by a passenger aboard an airliner flying over Switzerland shows what appears to be a near-miss with a UFO. View the full article
  7. This one is CGI, but it looks like the footage used in the background might have a bit of ball lightning (or that could have also been added, but that does occur) -Oz
  8. Did anyone ever figure this out? Nice find.
  9. I read that some bikers or hikers or tourists of some sort removed it. WTH.... Can't we have something mysterious without some moron destroying it? I considered it art, something quirky to talk about, and some environmentalist says it is littering. So tired of people.
  10. Can anyone identify this? Is it used to launch satellites or is it truly an alien space craft?
  11. They need to do forensics. Look for footprints and other evidence to determine if a human simply placed it there. I do hope they leave it alone.
  12. Zooming in some, it looks like there's saw marks in the rock at the base: Could just be cracks or something else though.
  13. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-55056570 Well... This is weird. Saw it crop up on a few oddball sites yesterday so didn't think too much about it... But today it's on BBC and some others. What do you suppose this is? Someone's art, or is 2020 now the year we make contact? 😉
  14. 😮 edit: they deleted it or somethin' );
  15. Shame. I would have liked to have seen it. We should be able to get a fabulous shot with today's technology. Even our phones wouldn't do too bad of a job.
  16. I think I posted this sentiment before, but I'll post it again anyhow. I honestly would not even bat an eye if someone official came out and confirmed all of this. Aliens are real, UFOs are checking us out, we've been working with aliens since the 50s, whatever. Not even a little bit. I think a lot of us who are into this kind of thing have been so desensitized to it and have had so many other confirmations or validations in other areas of interest that "daddy" telling us it's real wouldn't make a difference. Everyone else isn't us and would be shocked to some degree, but stillI thi
  17. Pentagon said they saw "off world vehicles" not made of this earth. I'll let you guys search for that yourself since 2 people are offended by my links. Tucker Carlson talks about it, too, so you can find it on You Tube if you want.
  18. There are many sources for the same topic. Take your pick. If you don't like what I choose, move on. I will not be censored and will not ask anyone's permission about which link to use in my posts. The links are simply used to promote discussion about the contents, not the link itself. You are free to Google or Duck Duck Go and find a different source if you wish. That aside, the topic of this thread is "Pentagon UFO" and I will post about that UFO sighting using whatever link (or no link) that I wish. Thank you.
  19. dont remember that lol but thats what it looked like lol
  20. i have been trying to look this for years
  21. so i saw this back in my school jotters back in 2016-18 and when i left school and i saw a guy who was working on a site and he was looking up at the sky and he pointed this out to me then i looked up and saw this i ran straight home to to draw this
  22. I think I passed through there once when I played Ducktales on NES.
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