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Do you have a favorite artist? Favorite painting? Type of art? Do you create art? Discuss everything art in this group.
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  2. It does seem that the foundation of the Universe is based on fractals. Mentioned earlier, The Infinite within the Finite , provides a potential opportunity to further understandings about existence itself.
  3. Can you provide some sources to the 'fractionalization? Curious, looked it up myself and although it seems related, but not quite the same as Fractalization. To simplify, Fraction / Fractal. Related, but different dynamics. Fractals retain themselves as a whole, never diminished. Theoretically, it is possible to zoom into a Mandlebrot infinitely , the record so far has been 750 Million iterations. True though, we merely see a fraction of a fractal...BUT...not sure if I'm even describing it correctly. YouTube Video - ( The Hardest Mandelbrot Zoom in 2016 - New record, 750 000
  4. I will check it out soon. The earth is full of fractals, that’s why the computer versions look so real. Even sound makes them.
  5. This is interesting and thank you for sharing more about this KerrTexas. There is a current investigation in creativity that incorporates this very concept happening right now in the blockchain Renaissance. Taking a master layer of art and adding dimensions like these to become interactive is fascinating. There is a term being used called Fractionalization. These layers can be bought by multiple collectors and then become customizable. Mutating the art and fluctuating with different aesthetics seems like the future. Preserving art in a polished state forever. Good Stewardship is significant to
  6. The Possiblities ... This video was created by Julius Horsthuis . Oooo, gives me goosebumps.
  7. ©️ArmandVanZandt2021 Another fractal I created using from Mandelbulb3D and a Photo editing program.
  8. Example of one of the Fractals created in Mandelbulb3D. I was able to use OpenShot video editor and YouTube video studio to post this on YouTube. Um...can like and subscribe if you want too. 🙂
  9. Downloaded Mandelbulb3D Fractal software for free. Am amazed at the artistic potential the software offers artists. You can animate your work, and in combination with other free software, such as the video editor OpenShot, WoW...there are no limits. A catch phrase that got to me was this, " The infinite in the finite." Through Mandelbulb3D, the infinite can truly be found. Mandelbulb3D Software It downloads as a zip file. So, you have to extract all. Within the un-zipped files you will see : Move that to your Desktop, and away you go. There are tuto
  10. The Blue Boy portrait is currently in a gallery at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California. Thomas Gainsborough completed the painting sometime around the year of 1770. There are several interesting tales to tell with The Blue Boy. It is believed to be a portrait of the young son of a merchant who was a friend of Thomas. The name of the merchants son is Jonathan Buttall. The painting measures 70.00 inches tall x 44.10 inches wide. Gainsborough had a rivalry going with another painter named Sir Joshua Reynolds. Some believe Th
  11. Donatello : Born 1386 Died 1466 Leonardo : Born 1452 Died 1519 Michelangelo : Born 1475 Died 1564 Raphael : Born 1483 Died 1520 Donatello was in a state of decay when Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael were doing their thing. This was painted by Raphael. Raphael painted an image of Michelangelo in it. The man resting his elbow on the box at the base of the stairs, Michelangelo.
  12. Leonardo verses Michelangelo. I'd have to say that Michelangelo was the true artist and leagues ahead of Leonardo de Vinci. Leonardo must have felt that way too. He got so upset he moved out of Italy and into France because of Michelangelo. There is also an interesting element involved that I'm still researching, and will post on that after finding as much as I can on it. By the way, Michelangelo placed a self portrait in his Sistine Chapel work. And... There is a third contender in all this : Raphael.
  13. Sistine Chapel as painted by Michelangelo : Dimensions = 133' x 46' Closer view for detail: Michelangelo also painted one of the walls with what is called ; "the Last Judgement ":
  14. 23 feet x 29 feet is about right. As far as size, it may seem large, however, remember that Leonardo was competing with Michelangelo. Was going to move to Michelangelo next. It is a beautiful painting. However, believed it was mentioned, have to consider who painted it. Leonardo da Vinci is considered a master artist, yet, also mentioned previously, The Last Supper just doesn't seem to fulfill that ideal.
  15. Do you mean centimeters? 280 inches is like 23 feet. I was actually reading about this the other night - They had to do a lot of restoration work to get it looking right again. Surprised at how much they had to do, almost not even the original painting anymore. Still beautiful though.
  16. Reading the Biblical verses about the Last Supper of Jesus, I decided to look at Leonardo da Vinci's painting entitled, "The Last Supper." I am aware that it is being claimed that Leonardo encoded information in his painting. I noticed that the wine chalice is missing, maybe because Leonardo believed that Mary Magdalene was the Holy Grail. The blood of Jesus contained in a pregnant Mary. Which will be discussed a bit later in this thread. Looking closer at the painting, I realized that considering who Leonardo da Vinci was considered to be, a master painter (artist), he did a tre

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