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If music's your thing, with a time travel lyric, or even poetry, here's where we can discuss it.
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  2. Found the guy that helped him dig the skeleton up.
  3. Wow. Not even sure how to categorize this. 🤙 Metal.
  4. As "TimeLordME," I very much appreciate the "last day feel". The violins were amazing and the best part, and at one point it sounded backwards like a"backmasking" violin! Which gave me a momentary sensation of the reversal of time which was super cool and unexpected! Very good stuff! It is titled well and set the stage perfectly. I nicknamed myself TimelordME on Reddit years ago, just because I loved Dr. Who! It wasn't until years later someone pointed out that "as a historian of another Timeline," and perhaps the only one in this timeline, I was a type of "TimeLord from a parallel reality"
  5. I don't, but below is some chill/synth/retrowave music. Can imagine it being like this except with late 90's - early 00's music. A lot of Smashmouth & Linkin Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOMwO5T3yT4 -Oz
  6. Great taste! Im intrigued by Y2K Retrosynth, do you have any so we can listen?
  7. If you ever get into making music again I would recommend learning some theory. It's actually much simpler than people make it out to be. Classical is very underappreciated by a lot people in this time. But as they say, great music never dies.
  8. I'm a fan of classical / theatrical personally, but Y2K Retrosynth was the big thing in my time. I just play by ear, but I could probably benefit from some musical theory. Part of why I never finish songs is because I can't translate the music from my head right. -Oz
  9. As a musician, I love to hear other people's music. It's a nice composition even though it's incomplete. I'm wondering if you know any music theory or if you just made it by ear.
  10. The software was FL Studios, with instrument packs / sounds taken from various sources! -Oz
  11. Very evocative - and cinematic!
  12. Thanks so much, Kerr! I'm so glad you enjoyed The Plot to Save Socrates! It became the first novel in a trilogy - the next two novels being Unburning Alexandria and Chronica. And I'm glad you enjoyed the interview, too! Yeah, about O'Reilly, you often find that people who call out others are actually calling themselves out. And the Khrushchev story is one of my favorites - my guess is he didn't go after Boris because it was a personal matter, not political. And so happy you enjoyed the music. Here's an interview (video) I did in Toronto, also in November, in which I talk about
  13. Listened to the fantastic music, awesome Paul! I also really enjoyed the interview. Very interesting, loved it. Khrushchev story ; LOL. Seems like he would have been a wee bit scared considering, not sure how far of a reach Khrushchev would have had, even here in the US. The irony : Bill O'Reilly and what was discussed. Oh yeah, bought a copy of your book, The Plot to Save Socrates. Very, very good. I enjoyed reading it, then sent it to my Dad, who also enjoyed reading it. How do you find the time to accomplish so much...WoW ! You're an amazing guy Paul.
  14. Oz, that's nice. Did you use just software or do you play the keyboard?
  15. I'll give it a listen. What type of music was popular during the time?
  16. When I was much younger I would make all kinds of different music, but saved almost nothing. This one I kept throughout the years, even though it's unfinished. I called this one The Last Day; where I tried to capture the mood from the end of the first Time War. Maybe this would resonate with someone out there! -Oz The Last Day.mp3
  17. I sent John Anealio the lyric to this at the end of 2010, and he got back to me with music the next day. It's the second song on my 2020 album, Welcome Up: Songs of Space and Time. Here it is on Spotify, and on Bandcamp. At this point, it's the second most listened to song on the album on Spotify. You can find the lyrics to it here (scroll down) as well as an interview John did with me about the song on his Functional Nerds podcast in November 2019. You can also listen to the song at that link, if you'd rather not listen on Spotify or Bandcamp
  18. Not the greatest song in the world, but probably the most successful (biggest hit record) single about time travel. Also Zager and Evans' one-hit wonder. Here it is on Spotify.

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