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  2. Thank you KerrTexas for sharing. I always appreciate reading your insights, perspectives and Texas charm :) We told the kiddos that we were pioneers on the old west cooking cowboy food...lol. A Girl Scout is always prepared too ;) Sending love to y’all in the Hill Country!
  3. For those of us that live in Texas, there is a group that discusses preparation for instances when you have to survive. The group generally is non-partisan ( although politics are hard to escape anywhere ) and is NOT a militia. The group does not promote violence. The main focus is on preparation and education for surviving. https://texaspreparednessgroup.ning.com/ I'm of the same screen name there. 🙂
  4. I just figured the government would be required to do something, whether you want it or not.
  5. I live in the countryside in the Hill Country of Texas. I would say I, as did my neighbors, weathered the winter storm better than others. But then preparation does go a long way. Why would anyone hope for rescue from any government agency? You can stock up almost everything that you'd need during a storm such as this one. The disturbing issue was that once again, people in town ransacked the grocery stores with panic buying. I believe that those that experienced this storm had a wake up call. Learn to be prepared and more self-sufficient. And learn what's a no-no ~ sit
  6. It is wild. Almost like some sort of deserted island. We were lucky to have antique gas heaters, gas water heater and fireplace with some wood. Having natural gas was a life saver too. Even gas heaters for central systems need electric to run the blowers. There are hospitals/clinics in Austin without water today. They can’t wash their hands and flush toilets. It is a crisis honestly from my point of view.
  7. I'll just bet lots of folks that survive will be getting whole house generators with large propane storage tanks to run the generator. And plenty of food storage for the next time this happens. I was researching the Tesla power wall. Turns out that storage system would not have worked in the cold temperatures experienced in Texas. Although solar panels would work in the cold. There is no reliable way to store the energy from the sun yet that would provide backup power in very cold climates.
  8. Greetings! I live in Texas. What you are hearing about is true. Texans are having an apocalyptic week regarding the weather, power for heating their homes in single digits, and no water/boil notices for millions. There are gas/food shortages, the roads have been extremely unsafe to get any help in. We were without power for 30+hours. When it would come on, it would be for minutes and then go off for many hours. Some hospitals/clinics had no water for flushing toilets and fires at places could not be extinguished because the water hydrants were frozen. We literally found a frozen bird stuck in
  9. note: I don’t claim to know all the facts, so feel free to add to this or correct me. This is my perception. So, much, if not all, of Texas is out of power due to a heavy snow storm. The rural residents have wells, which only run on electricity AND I’m sure the pump can freeze up. Thousands have no water. What is sleepy Joe doing about it? Why isn’t the national guard evacuating people or delivering supplies, like water? When flooded Louisiana was ignored for 3 days, they cried racism. Is Texas not being helped because of political bias? Or, if it is indeed being helped, wh
  10. You have ADHD? I didn't know that, and I'm sorry I wasn't aware! Just go one little step at a time then.
  11. @Classicalfan626 I took the first step and added him on Telegram. Patience, please. I am ADHD. People think it is just attitude, but I can’t control it. I do things on a whim. I can’t even concentrate to read or write a book. So, step 1 - I got him on Telegram. Step 2 will be to listen to some of his stuff in pieces.
  12. I'll check him out on Telegram and try to listen to some of his stuff.
  13. I KNOW THIS ARTICLE IS FROM 2017. The only thing Julian Assange did wrong was hack. He paid the price already with house arrest without a trial. He has a lifetime prison sentence. He's a whistleblower and a HERO because he sacrificed himself by calling out CHILD TRAFFICKING via Hillary Clinton. But Biden called him a terrrorist. Why? Does Assange know MORE about this hideous crime against children? We all know Biden sniffs children. This is a SICK world. (2017 article worth sharing ag
  14. It's a guy named Scott McKay, and you can look him up on Telegram or Rumble. @PaulaJedi - If you don't have the time or patience for that, I think you'll be able to see for yourself not too far into the future. Maybe not right now, but in the not too distant future.
  15. @Classicalfan626I apologize, but I don’t have the time or patience to watch 1 hour videos. I need text so I can speed read. Also, caring for my family isn’t giving up. It’s smart.
  16. @Einstein - Have you ever watched the Patriot Street Fighter (Scott McKay)? His updates are initially live on YouTube, then he takes them down and uploads them to Rumble. @PaulaJedi - Are you willing to just give up and not at least listen to the Patriot Street Fighter? I see too many patriots are giving up, but I think there will be people who will save us, and those are Donald Trump and other patriots. You just got to have faith; pray to God and His angels.
  17. The following video contains proof that the election was hacked, mostly by China. It is a long video, but worth the watch. The beginning of the video has a lot of general ideas, but you have to keep watching to see computer logs with IP addresses. I showed the video to a family member that works for Homeland and he showed me the IP addresses and didn't deny any of them or anything else in the video. (I personally feel a "cannot confirm nor deny" is really a confirm). Believe me, if it were bogus, he would have told me exactly why. In fact, he warned me 2 years ago that China was the
  18. It becomes more and more apparent every day. That's how quickly things are going down the toilet. I am still in utter shock that SO MANY will trade in their freedom for a tiny little check twice a year. The brainwashing worked on SO MANY, and they even trained these people to HATE and become violent towards anyone who opposes the dictatorship. It definitely IS a psyops war, but why didn't we ALL fall for it? Maybe the alleged "vaccine" would help take care of that --- get the rest of us. (There is no way in HELL I'm taking a politically motivated, rushed vaccine backed by BIll Gates).
  19. Meet Podokesaurus holyokensis, a prehistoric resident of the Commonwealth. While much of America rehashes the outcome and aftermath of a recent election, voters in Massachusetts have been electing another official. The job description is vague, the duties negligible. The gig is mainly as a figurehead, which is good, because the candidates aren’t particularly revved up about representing their constituents. They demonstrate astonishingly little interest in local government. In fact, they’ve been dead for millions of years. If Massachusetts Representative Jack Patrick Lewis has anything to say
  20. Did MSNBC Reporter Suggest using Drone Bombings on Americans who Protest Lockdowns? Wonder what she meant by this...
  21. Don't believe anything! It appears to be a psyops war. An attempt to push the gullible to the breaking point. I'm sure China would love it if we all started shooting each other. Perhaps a few nukes on Beijing would remind everyone who the real enemy is.
  22. I want to believe that, and my husband did visit the gun shop and it was so packed he had no place to park. (We'll get more ammo online). BUT I've heard this so many times before. Inauguration day -- where were the militias? Were they still playing soldier in their back yard? All these militias promised to save the constitution and all they do is talk. I will believe it when I see it. I apologize for being bitter, but Trump had the power to save the country and he did not. He handed it over. Our freedoms are being stripped from us and the elimination of the white man is slowly happening
  23. I've heard 4 years of "it's going to happen soon!" and "today is the day it all comes out" and it never does. I decided not to place any faith in government. "The Day" never comes.
  24. I've mentioned it very passingly but there's something I wanted to finally explain further. In my original timeline America was not overcome from within, but there was a brief but violent civil war in 2016 after Clinton beat Trump. Trump claimed foul and his supporters took up arms against other Americans. This weakened us greatly. He was able to run in 2020 again & lost by a landslide. Around this same time California tried to break from the union again. This also weakened us greatly. The tensions between Americans (especially red states & blue states) caused us to falter
  25. I am enjoying the shit show. I can't wait for bullets to start flying in the house. Apparently Republicans wont give up their firearms and continue to bypass metal detectors in the house. Anyone want to make a prediction on Biden's life expectancy?
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