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Welcome to Curious Cosmos



Welcome, one and all, to Curious Cosmos.

First things first, Curious Cosmos now hosts the Time Travel Institute forums. The two have not merged, per se, but it makes more sense to run one community platform than a handful of smaller sites. TTI is not going away; it's now part of a larger whole.

So, why the change? 

I love this community. I love building this stuff and thinking of new ways to make things work. Sometimes that love turns into more of an "I will love him and squeeze him and call him George" situation than it needs to be, but I mean well.


Most of all, I love providing a place for people to express themselves and share wild ideas. This site is like a second home to me. It's where I come to escape, and it's something I want to pass down to my kids when I'm too old to squint at the computer screen.

Doesn't it feel like the older you get, the less time there is? There's real science and logic behind this perception, but that doesn't make it any less annoying. I work east coast hours on the west coast, so my day runs from 4 AM to 2 PM... And then suddenly, it's 9 PM. Where did the day go?


Everyone's life is busy, and the time we have is finite. More than anything, running a time travel site has taught me that. I want the effort I spend here to grow something that can sustain itself and support the kind of content I'd like to create (and that I'd like to see). There's a full-time job here somewhere, maybe I can find it 😉

tl;dr: Opening things up a little will make it easier to grow.

Here's a rough outline of how we're structuring things:

Time Travel Institute

  • An upgraded version of the original site (circa 2010ish) will go up.
  • The original content will return, updated in some places.
  • New content in the future.
  • Time Travel Hotline 😉
  • Forums will live on Curious Cosmos.

Curious Cosmos

  • Expanded core topics will allow more kinds of content (maps, different types of databases, etc.) and attract more members.
  • Higher focus on member-run Dimensions (basically a subreddit)
  • Higher focus  on Zines (member blogs)
  • Easier long-term planning on my part
  • TTIDB becomes CCDB
  • You have the tools to make this site your own

I'll go into more detail in future posts, but this should give you an idea. Stay tuned for some intro posts about creating Dimensions and using some of the site features.

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