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State of TTI: October 2022




Wow... How is it already October 5th?


I've been hard at work since the last update, getting things into position for a few lifestyle changing coming up, most notably some FIBER INTERNET. We've been relegated to 1998 DSL speed here in the Ozarks since we got here, but that'll be changing here in the next week or two (or so they say).


Site Updates:

Throughout September, I've been rolling out and refining the new site frontend here:





TTIDB is on its way to being what it should be, and is now comfortably out of the way of the forums at this point. I still need to get the TV section going, but books, games and movies are in a good place and on track to get some automation to make it easier to grow.




The next big thing on that front will be a suggestion form that feeds into one of the forums here, and we can approve or reject it as a community. That's a ways out, but on the horizon.


Community Updates:

We're now on a more robust community platform, where some of the TTI programs and initiatives can find a better home without interfering with the primary time travel theme. This move goes hand in hand with the new main website, and sets the stage for the release of a revised Chronovisor (a mechanism to index and explore now-defunct fringe/paranormal forums from the internet's golden age). You'll see things for that begin to trickle out over the next month or so.


Programs now have their own specialized area on the BBS, some of which will be opt-in to keep the main discussions focused on time travel. This also means we won't have to divide the site too much while still having the option to appropriately cover other topics. After all, we're the Time Travel Institute, and we discuss and study far more than time travel.




I'm also starting a book club, a gaming club, and a movie club. There, people can make suggestions, ask for recommendations, ask questions, and talk about entertainment in general. We'll start showing off some entries from the TTIDB (and the future CCDB) in those groups too.


This system also includes a great events framework, making it easier to find out when and what we'll be streaming. For the time being, that calendar is empty, but that will change once our fiber connection is fully installed. Soon™. Make 


There's still a few rough edges and some things to flesh out, but I'll continue getting things "just right" in the meantime.



The TTI Discord has been growing day by day, and we've now added a couple moderators to the mix! Many thanks to @Mayhem and April of /r/timetravel for their assistance!




Everyone is welcome to join and hang out with us throughout the day:



I'm typically online most of the day, and it's a good way to keep things "in your pocket" without having to make a dedicated visit to the site. When fiber finally lands, we'll do post-stream voice hangouts just for our community, and I'll post more information on that when we get closer that time.



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Thanks! I'm finding more things to like about than why I made the change in the first place. Feels roomier, more interactions here and there. Still plenty to do with it but this is a good start :)

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