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State of TTI: June-September 2022




Well, it’s been a few months, so it’s time for a good old-fashioned MEGA UPDATE. I’ll try not to miss any further updates now that things are calming down, as there’s a lot moving and being worked on in the background. Let’s get started.


We’ve Moved to the Ozarks

Last October, we bought 20 acres of raw land in northern Washington state. The goal was to start to get things going little by little over the next few years and then move up there permanently. It’s been a dream of ours for a few years now. But now we are heading toward a recession or depression. Costs are going up, and the economy is going sideways. It’s not practical for us to start with raw land with no infrastructure anymore, and if we wait another year, we’ll be working with a deflated dollar and less of it to work with overall due to increasing expenses.


So, we started looking around. The celestial Time Wizards smiled upon us, and we found a way to jumpstart all of that with a little place in northern Arkansas, a town of 500, on 16 acres of heavily wooded forest. Electric on the grid, well water, propane and brand new septic. It’s perfect.


We sold pretty much everything. Renting a truck was prohibitively expensive with gas prices the way they are/were, so we shipped what was important. These last few months have been a blur trying to pull it all together and make it work, but we finally piled into the SUV on the 12th and made it out here on the 15th. Here’s the first real update I did on that:



Since then, we’ve been working on getting the house in shape and settling in. The land still needs a lot of work, but we’ve been making incremental progress in cleaning things up and pushing nature back from the house a little. I made the mistake of waltzing through the woods in tennis shoes and thin socks when we first got here, so I got eaten alive by chiggers. Hundreds of bites, weeks of itching… But I’m loving every minute of it. Welcome to the country, folks.


There’s a lot of potential for some mad scientist stuff out there… But I can’t do any of that until we get fiber internet installed. The line already exists; all they need to do is pull it through the conduit and connect it up. That’s a few weeks out (but that’s what they said a few weeks ago). Once that gets here though, we’ll get back to streaming on the Twitch channel and build that up again.


Website Updates

Over the last few months, I’ve had a chance to reassess how I’ve put the site together and the things I want to do with it. I’m a tinkerer, I’m always going to be trying something new and attempting to innovate or “see if I can make it work”.


That’s great for most things, but not so great for the stability of the forum, which is inarguably the heart of TTI (and has been for the last 23+ years). To allow myself the room to get experimental and avoid mistakes of the past, I’ve begun expanding our footprint into a few other domains. The Time Travel Institute remains the foundation for all of it; consider these other areas projects or initiatives within the overarching Institute.


What you’re looking at now are the first steps towards that.


The most immediate change is that I’m moving the State of TTI stuff and larger updates out of the forums and into a proper blog here. I’d like to keep that community focused on its own domain, so everything else can orbit that without getting in the way of the "classic" forums. Another immediate change is that the TTI Gift Shop is being revamped and absorbed into the main site . There is still much to be done, but things are coming together day by day.


Here’s an outline of the primary projects within TTI that I’ll begin rolling out:


The Church of Titor

John Titor has been a big part of TTI for a long time, and I’ve always wanted to do something with the idea that wasn’t based on proving the story was true or false. That’s been done to death (whatever your opinion of it is), and the story is a quarter of a century old at this point. Still, the fact remains that the things Titor described about society in 2036 and the attitudes people had to adopt have survived the test of time and still resonate, especially today. Titor described a society in which greater focus was placed on community and being happier with less. That’s something I’ve taken to heart (see above), and thus the Church of Titor has been born.


Some credit for helping me arrive at this idea goes to Num7 of Paranormalis. He and I began messing around with the idea and making parody psalms while chatting on Discord, and his influence and friendship ultimately helped me arrive at the final concept.


The main goal of The Church of Titor is to:


  • Share the John Titor story in as complete a form as is possible.
  • Post my adventures in the Ozarks, building out a homestead and pursuing a simpler life.
  • Encourage others to pursue similar goals with whatever resources they have available.
  • Discussion for this initiative can be found in the Church of Titor category in the main forums.



Chronovisor is a project that aims to bring back strange and paranormal forums from the early days of the internet. I've touched on this in previous State of TTI posts, but to recap:


This is an idea I’ve had for a long time and have approached it in a variety of ways. Looking through old copies of Time Travel Institute or other now-defunct sites I used to love, like Time Travel Portal or Anomalies, or the old Art Bell Post to Post forums, has always irritated me. Yes, you can visit the Wayback Machine and play around with links and dates, but early forum software was awful. If you’ve ever tried to browse a forum on the Wayback Machine, you’ll know that you’re lucky if you can find anything on “page 2” (unless that’s the ONLY thing you can find).


The majority of this is due to the forum software at the time doing stupid things like adding a “session ID” to the end of every URL for visitors so it could keep track of which threads you’d looked at and gray those out. This was bad for archiving, because almost every page now has an unpredictable number crammed into the URL.


This is where Chronovisors come into play. I’ve scraped the Wayback Machine’s API for a few sites that I’d like to revisit and plan to map them out category by category. We are effectively creating virtual forums that are windows into the past—the internet’s golden age. Each entry on Chronovisor, called a “Chronon,” has its own comments section. This lets the thread go on without putting the original content at risk.


So far, these are the sites that have piqued my interest and will begin to appear:


  • artbell.com (many audio files and text files, Post to Post forums)
  • coasttocoastam.com through 2003 (same as above)
  • anomalies.net (Legendary haunt of longtime members like @Einstein and @Darby)
  • timetravelportal.com
  • timechatter.com
  • hdrkid.com (forums)
  • totse.com (if you know, you know)
  • A few early projects from Cosmo’s formative years


If there are any other now defunct sites you’d like to be able to properly browse, let me know and I will create an index for it that you can help with when I get that far.

This site is still in a pre-alpha state while I ramp things back up with the move calming down.


Curious Cosmos

This is an idea I’ve had in my head for over a decade but never had the ability to sit down and flesh it out into something more than a vague idea I could run with. After many years of false starts and bottlenecking myself with one limitation or another, I’ve arrived at a concept I love, and hopefully you will too.


The basic idea is that there are a lot of interesting fringe/paranormal stories out there, many of which have been widely covered in all manner of TV documentaries, books, and other media. What we’re building is a database of those subjects which cross-references with those appearances in mass media so that there’s a centralized place to “dive down the rabbit hole.” Things like the Annunaki, the legend of King Arthur, Sasquatch, close encounters of the third kind, and other aspects of modern mythology.


We’ll lean more towards documentaries and books that cover the subject with some seriousness (to whatever degree possible). Later, we’ll expand into ways to experience the concept through fictional movies, books, and games that treat it well and do it justice.


The main goals of Curious Cosmos are to:


  • Organize fringe concepts into a format that can be properly explored.
  • Share the best of the best so others can understand and experience it.
  • Allow others to contribute and share their “deepest cuts”.
  • The Curious Cosmos section of the main forums is where you can talk about these things.



Like Curious Cosmos, TTIDB is a concept I’ve wanted to pursue since I purchased TTI in late 2014.


Previously, we were using The Library which lived on the BBS. It served it’s basic purpose where it was, but there’s a lot more that could be with this on the right foundation. Until this point, everything has been manually entered with no opportunity for automation... The entries are hand-curated, but don't need to be hand-entered. TTIDB follows the line of thought that I have with Curious Cosmos, but will zero in on time travel science and legends and allow us some more meat-and-potatoes.


The Library will continue on its present format until I'm able to get everything moved over, but will be removed soon.


Vault 83

Last but not least is Vault 83. Consider this a catch-all for the various other interests and hobbies I’m partial to. More on that at a later date, but will include some of the more technology-driven projects I have planned (3D printing, TTI RPG, etc).


Upcoming Endeavors

I have several other projects planned out that will be introduced when the time is right (i.e. when fiber internet gets here). In no particular order:


  • Model rocketry as a method to test flat earth theories
  • Tesla coil in the woods, livestream construction and testing
  • Continue with the 3D printed DeLorean
  • Goat and chicken livestreams for Church of Titor
  • Reworked Discord server to hang out with you guys on regular basis
  • Hand-made time capsules
  • Backyard forge to melt and cast aluminum and other metals
  • Fun with weather balloons
  • Telescope livestreams
  • Time Travel Institute RPG game
  • Virtual reality fun


1800 words later, there’s still a lot to say… But I’ll end it here for now. This month will be spent continuing to get the bigger pieces in place and I’ll be back with another update near the end of this month.





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