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State of TTI: March 2022




Hi everybody!


A couple months ago, we abandoned the Discourse forum platform. I personally really liked it, but developing for it didn’t work the way I hoped and realized I should stop reinventing the wheel. All of that is sort of outlined in my previous post, Welcome Home. The development dust has settled for a short bit since then, and I wanted to get some thoughts out and share some things about what we’re building.



At long last, I’ve arrived at a library setup that makes sense and integrates with the community properly. This is a concept I’ve had in mind for ages, and is meant to be a way to discover interesting methods to experience time travel concepts, or share hidden gems with others. I think a good book or movie is a fantastic way to grasp a concept or introduce yourself to a new idea, especially “high concept” ones like time travel.. To be clear, the purpose is not to put EVERY time travel thing in here. The Library is for notable and enjoyable examples of the concept,. For now, we’re focusing on Time Travel and Chronology (movies set in the future, period pieces, for example), and we’ll add some other types of movies (Fringe) later on.


Each entry has an eBay and/or Amazon button, and are affiliate links that will help support our efforts here at TTI.. Feel free to click those and then go do your normal shopping

If a link is missing, it’s because good ones don’t exist for that source (like games that only live on Steam).


Everyone is encouraged to review each and every thing here. This is how the most interesting stuff bubbles to the top, and how to stimulate some conversation about things people enjoy. You can set a star rating, give pros and cons, whether you recommend the item, etc. You can also ask a question, which is like a sub-discussion on the item… But for a question.


Note: This section was replaced with the TTIDB on the site frontend, which provides greater flexibility and overall options for getting this right.


The TTI Blog

It’s what you’re reading now! I will use this area as a place to centralize announcements and share some of the projects I’m developing. Posts can belong to both categories and series, so be prepared for some cool builds.


Time Wizards

Time Wizard-ship is now available! Directly support TTI and help us continue building things out. Information can be found on the Subscriptions page.


New theme in progress

If you noticed the theme had changed, it wasn’t the Mandela Effect and you can cancel that medication. The new theme is meant to play nice with other additions and just be… Pleasant. Nothing crazy, but wanted to mention it.


I’m adjusting things and fixing cosmetic issues as I find them. Some still exist. If you encounter any bugs that make it hard to use the site, let me know and I’ll get it taken care of.


Things you’ll see soon:


  • The Cosmo Show
    2 or 3 times a week I’ll stream and talk about things on the site, stuff I find interesting, then maybe play a game. It’s happening, people.
  • Curious Cosmos Museum
    A database of legends, out of place artifacts and other person/place/thing/events of note.
  • The TTI Handbook
    Tutorials and instructional articles on using all aspects of TTI.
  • Downloads & Galleries
    Already visible but you’ll see actual stuff in there
  • TimeTravel0.quest
    A top-down action RPG about time travel.
  • Time travel hotline
    Get hyped


I’m happy to see some old faces rediscovering us. I’m working hard to create the place I imagined in 2014



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