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For the past several years, I’ve had a vision in my idea for the kind of site I’d like to build. I bought the Curious Cosmos domain in 2012, but shelved that idea to save TTI from being erased in 2014 when Mop decided to shut the site down. Since then, I’ve been endlessly experimenting trying to find the “perfect formula” for building what was in my mind on top of what TTI actually is.


The core of TTI is time travel, time travelers, some conspiracy and exploring the possibilities such things entail. In trying to achieve what I’ve had in my mind, I’ve taken things further and further from that center. But TTI is not Curious Cosmos. Hindsight has revealed that TTI works best as a small, strange place for people with a deep love of time travel theories and weirdness.


I am returning us to our original format, website and all. We are time traveling back to September 2014. Try not to talk about it too much, though. We’ll tell the old lurkers it’s the Mandela Effect. Divergent timelines.


If you are interested in things outside of time/chronology, we are moving those discussions to Electives. All “fringe” topics should live there, and I’ll share some more details about that in another thread at another time.


Moving forward, the main boards will return its primary focus to the exploration of exotic sciences, time travel concepts and claims of time travel.


As always, feel free to speak your mind, but remain civil and counter the points made in the argument and not the person who posted them. To those returning, welcome home. To those new to TTI, we are glad to have you





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