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Cats and dogs living into their 70s, 80s, 90s, and beyond





From my personal experience, when people who are into time travel discuss the idea, they most often talk about theories behind the time travel concept or paradoxes (such as the Grandfather Paradox). When they talk about actually changing the past (or changing history), they more often than not want to fix a mistake they made in the past.

I differ from these people because although I have a rough idea on how to go back in time and change history, I’d rather not get into too many details there; I also differ since I want to go above and beyond fixing a personal mistake in the past. My plan is more radical, changing history to a great degree in many aspects of culture; and if it’s an easier, better idea to branch off into another timeline than to change the existing history in this timeline, I’ll be fine with that.

I plan to accomplish my ultimate goal of changing history through contacting ETs, who would then pick me up and take me to another planet, where I would explore and learn several disciplines related to time travel/changing history.

Cat and Dog Lifespan Extension

This article is about doing justice to our feline and canine family and friends. I’m sure most people can agree on this: cat and dog lives are too short. But now I have a rough blueprint in my head that will make them live longer lives.

This is going back a long time in history, I’m talking thousands if not millions of years. That long ago, through selective breeding and hybrids, cats and dogs came to be, and became lovable additions to the family.

But as I said before, cat and dog lives are too short. Cats at maximum generally live not that much beyond 15, and dogs generally only live between 10 to 17 years, depending on the size and breed among other things. And when cats and dogs reach the end of their lives, it leaves their human family members heartbroken. The problem is that there are about 7 dog years per human year; and I’m not 100% sure about cats, but I know that there’s way more than one cat year per human year.

I plan on making cat and dog years equal to those of humans, and although I don’t have an exact way of doing this, I imagine it’ll involve going back millennia or millions of years. Then, I’d get the idea in individuals’ (human and/or ET) heads through the power of the mind that we have to slow down the biological clocks in cats and dogs. And through mind power, intelligent individuals, and/or hyper-advanced computers, that shall be done, well before their modern conception, until the common ancestors of cats and dogs age comparably to humans.

To my knowledge, there’s a rare human disorder in which certain people age exponentially more rapidly than normal humans, and die of age-related causes far too soon. Due to this, I’m assuming that cats and dogs have a sort of strain of this disorder, or a genetic trait related to it. And disorders and traits such as these I assume can be cured through superior technology as well as advanced knowledge.

Some people might say that cats and dogs age more rapidly than humans due to their smaller size. But I know that’s likely not the case, because there are animals out there that have a larger size than people, including elephants and horses; and elephants don’t live quite as long as people, and horses I think only live into their 20s or 30s, which is obviously considered young in people!


  • Logically in this alternate history (which should be translated into a reality, as inferred in the above paragraphs), cats should generally live to be anywhere between 80 and 140 years (or in some cases, greater), and dogs should live somewhere between 70 and 120 years on average!
  • The reason I came up with this idea is that I consider the dogs in my household to be my siblings, so it's only fair that dogs live about as long as humans. And I figured I should do the same with cats, which are also hugely popular domesticated animals.


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